Holiday House Valisoara: nice & pet friendly stay near Rimetea, Transylvania, Romania

During our short winter trip in Rimetea village area we’ve stayed in Valisoara which is only 7 km away.

Holiday House Valisoara (Casa Valisoara)

We have chosen the Holiday House Valisoara for the main reason that it is a pet friendly accommodation. That means that we were able to bring our Belgian Malinois and do all the planned hikes with him.

Nice, clean, cosy, secluded.

It was the perfect location. Two of the hikes that we’ve done started right from the front door (you can see here all the routes that we’ve done described in another post) . You can reach all the major points of interest from the area very easy: Valisoarei Gorges are just 10 minutes walking away, Piatra Secuiului mountain and Rimetea are 7 km away ,  Coltesti Fortress just 4 km away.

There is actually more than one house: there are 2 separate  Studios, a chalet and the big house.

We’ve stayed in Studio 1 which is actually a smaller house with a studio structure. You have your own little yard with a special place for barbecue.

Inside, the interior is not fancy but it’s very clean and practically arranged. The kitchen has everything you might need. Bathroom with shower.

We particulary enjoyed the big window wall that offers a nice view over Valisoarei Gorges.

In the inner yard you can prepare yourself a “Ciubar” which is a hot salty bath in a wooden barrel. During summer they also have a small pool and sunbathing area. To reach this place you have to drive around 100m through a small creek. We’ve enjoyed that also, it increased the charm of the location

You can find all the details about this place here on their own website or here on their page

Unfortunatelly this place doesn’t have a restaurant or the possibility to order something so the best place to eat in the area is Conacul Secuiesc.

Conacul Secuiesc

This place is located in Coltesti village, 4 km away from Valisoara.


It’s a really nice renovated hungarian manor that has a excellent traditional restaurant. It offers also great accommodation options, a little bit higher priced than the one that we’ve stayed in. We didn’t went this time but I’ve stayed there some time ago. I also highly recommend it for it’s beauty and quality of services.


You can find all the details about Conacul Secuiesc here on their own website or here on their page.

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