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We are in Transylvania, the famous region of Romania. Villages like Rimetea, Coltesti, Izvoarele & Valisoara are nestled here, in the Trascaului mountains. Well known in our country for thee traditional architecture of the houses and for the picturesque surroundings. We’ve hiked the most beautiful trails that you can find in this area. Medium difficulty, amazing views. Just a little bit of easy rock scrambling on 2 particular points but nothing to… Read More

During our short winter trip in Rimetea village area we’ve stayed in Valisoara which is only 7 km away. Holiday House Valisoara (Casa Valisoara) We have chosen the Holiday House Valisoara for the main reason that it is a pet friendly accommodation. That means that we were able to bring our Belgian Malinois and do all the planned hikes with him. Nice, clean, cosy, secluded. It was the perfect location. Two of… Read More