Winter cycling – What to wear? Cold weather cycling clothing tips & Santic Cycling winter kit review

Road cycling in winter doesn’t have to be hard and uncomfortable. Riding in winter can actually be great fun if you wear the right winter cycling apparel. I’m going to share with you some cold weather cycling tips. What to wear so that you can continue riding your bike during winter.

It’s freezing this time of the year in my country. Often there is snow on the side of the road and, from December to February, it’s always between -10 degrees and +5 degrees Celsius.

What do you wear in this kind of weather? Let me know in the comments about your winter experience and if you have other tips besides the ones that I will show you !

Some of the clothes I’m wearing in the video are from Santic Cycling. I’ve used them to show you and exemplify how I dress when cycling in cold weather.

DISCLAIMER: Last week I received from them a full package with winter clothing so that I can review them for you. I am not paid by them for this video & article and I don’t have any affiliate deal with them so it is my own sincere opinion about their products. Read the article, check the video and if you like their products feel free to give them a try (There is also a EXTRA DISCOUNT code for you, if you use “Mircea15” when ordering one of the 2 jackets presented bellow ):

Cold weather cycling clothing tips:

Please take in consideration that these are just my own opinions and experience and that you should always reflect and take your own decisions based on your own experience (health, ability to ride in winter, resistance to cold weather etc.). You are the only one responsible for your own health!


In winter, It is very important do dress in layers. This way you can take one off if you are getting to warm or add it back if it’s getting cold. Several thin layers provide more insulation compared to only thick piece of equipment. The warm air that gets trapped between those layers will provide you with a lot of thermal comfort.

Santic Rocky Men Fall Winter Jacket

It has great wind protection but it is breathable at the same time so you don’t sweat much under it. It has a front zip . A high collar. Some reflective insertions. Pockets for storing your phone , keys or gels. Silicone band  and a longer back end for more protection. The material feels very nice, and it’s a good fit. I’m 1m72cm and it is in European size S

  • EXTRA outside LAYER: If I want to be 100% waterproof, I could take a rain light jacket and use it if needed.
Santic Chuansen Fall Winter Windproof Jersey

It is also windproof. It has a warmer fabric on the chest and arms. Quite elastic material. Also very breathable. Pockets for keys or gels.

The guys from Santic Cycling offered you guys a EXTRA DISCOUNT for the above 2 jackets if you use the code “Mircea15” when making the purchase on . It is a limited promotion period (2022/01/18 – 2022/01/26 ) so feel free to this code while it lasts.

  • LAYER 3: The base layer should always be a thermic blouse. I use a ski type base layer that works perfectly for me. Very warm, very breathable . I wear it directly on the skin, under the bib straps so that I get more insulation around the core.


Legs are used the most when cycling so they are producing more heet than the other parts of the body. That’s why I find that legs don’t need that much insulation compared with the torso or hands and feet.

I usually use specific winter bib tights like this Santic Ryan Men Fall Winter Bib Tight.

Santic Ryan Men Fall Winter Bib Tight

I like winter tights to have straps to better fit during rides. Also, the upper part offers more insulation to the core, keeping cold air out. The straps have sticky inside so they don’t rub or move during the ride. Very stretchy also. Reflective paint. They have fleece fabric on the inside, so it ads thermic comfort. I think they have some windproof fabric on the upper part so they give you extra protection. I rode in these ones twice, in 0 degrees Celsius and I had no problems. European size S at 1m72cm.

I received also a non straps version: Santic Beidou Men Fall Winter Fleece Tight. They feel a little bit thicker, and it seems that the wind proof material is even better.

Fall Winter Fleece Tigh


It is very important to keep the head warm during winter rides. The head is the part of the body that loose heat the fastest.

Ideally in winter you should wear a helmet without big air vents. If you have only a summer helmet you can wear a insulating headband underneath as it offers some protection.

Always have something around your neck that you can lift on the face also. A Buff style headband allows you to breath through it and it protects you from the cold at the same time.

Glasses are equally important. They protect your eyes from the wind and dust. Also, if you ride in snow covered landscape, it is essential to have good light protection, maybe even more than during summer. If it’s cloudy or darker outside, just use a clear lens glasses.


I if you don’t have really good hands or feet insulation than you will freeze on your rides no matter how good the other parts of your body are protected . Buy yourself a really good pair of winter gloves, windproof and waterproof, with fingers so that you can access the brakes and gears easily.

If it gets’ to cold, there are 2 useful hacks: either put a thinner glove on the inside so you will have 2 layers protecting you or use hand warmers that you can find in ski shops

I received from Santic Cycling the Santic Hull Fall Winter Windproof Gloves . Really nice looking gloves with an inspiring message. They are windproof and have silicone on the palm for a better grip. They are not waterproof and I would recommend them only starting with 3 degrees Celsius, only in dry weather. A lot better for a fall season rather than the freezing winter one that I have in my country.

Santic Hull Fall Winter Windproof Gloves


Equally important is to have excellent feet protection. Ideally you will have a winter dedicated shoe, with GoreTex maybe and extra insulation on the inside.

I don’t have a pair like this. I use a normal summer shoe with 2 pairs of socks (merino wool works best). Also, I never ride in winter without neoprene shoe covers. They protect from wind and moisture and also add an extra thermic insulation.

The guys from Santic Cycling sent me also a really nice pair of shoes and socks.

Santic Ares Men & Women Road Cycling Shoes

Santic Jiugong Socks

I’ve tried them on , they fit perfectly and look amazing. The only thing is that they are white and I can’t convince myself yet to ride them on the dirty winter roads that I have around here 😉

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments how do you dress for winter cycling and if you have other useful tips for me and for the ones I’ve mentioned. Let’s learn from each other !

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