Places around Porec, Istria, where we’ve enjoyed eating

Eating in Istria is an experience by itself. I am a big fan of Mediterranean food so finding everywhere delicious Stuffed Calamari, Octopus or Mussels was great.

Here are some places that we’ve been and that i would recommend you to try:

Istria is famous for it’s wines. You will see vineyards covering the hills all over the peninsula. Try them when you go out dining but also ask for a Bura Brew. I’s a local beer produced by an independent craft brewery that you can even visit. Their owners will gladly receive you and tell you more about their story. It can be bought also directly from the factory so we left with a 24 pack for our friends and family đŸ˜‰

 More info about our Istrian trip on this dedicated article:


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